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Joe Bezotte CEO and Lead Instructor

Joe Bezotte

CEO & Lead Instructor

Joe’s experience in Federal Law Enforcement and Counter Terrorism spans over 32 years.  He has worked operationally all over the United States and on three continents.  This operational experience combined with his training background has provided Joe a perspective of what works and what does not.

As a Department of Homeland Security Special Agent, Joe spent several years in the Denver Field Office assigned to the Training department training agents in all areas of duties to include Tactics, firearms, Defensive Tactics and more.  During this time, Joe trained Special Agents from DEA and FBI in several areas such as tactical movements, defensive tactics and linear assaults. While serving in an intelligence instructor role with his current organization, Joe created and facilitated a multi-agency intelligence group. This included liaising with multiple agencies to gain support and participation as a group. Joe has served as the Lead Training Instructor for the Minneapolis Field Office, managing all aspects of training for field agents as well as overseeing associated programs.  Joe was also selected as a member and training instructor for a unique counter terrorism team where agents utilized radiological and nuclear detection to prevent and deter acts of terrorism.

Joe was also a Senior Correctional Officer Specialist and Special Operations Response Team (SORT) Trainer for Federal Bureau of Prisons where he implemented policy changes specifically those policies referencing the SORT including Action Plans and Continuity Of Operations Plans.  These plans were used as a guide to help SORT teams prepare and initiate response to hostage or barricaded suspect situations.  In this capacity Joe performed duties as Squad Leader and Trainer of Special Operations Response Teams.  As a trainer Joe was responsible for training a 30 person team on weapons and tactics as it related to response to a hostile act on the prison grounds.  Joe worked as a Liaison with FBI SWAT and Hostage Negotiation Teams to coordinate response and develop best practices for a positive integration of specialized teams.  Joe has trained hundreds of Special Weapons and Tactics team members for over 26 years. This training included physical fitness, advanced firearms skills, special tactics, group movements, rappelling, vehicles assaults and other various SWAT related duties.

As a USAF Law Enforcement Specialist, Joe served in numerous positions.  He was a team leader for an Emergency Service Team (SWAT) responsible for directing and leading his team into high risk situations and potentially life threatening situations. Joe managed all aspects of training, ensured weapons accountability and functionality, oversaw equipment issue and that proper maintenance was performed. He also was ultimately responsible for all incident reporting and administrative duties.  Joe was tasked as personal protection detail team leader; assigned to protect numerous high-ranking officials and foreign dignitaries.  Joe was also awarded for developing contingency and emergency response plans for Priority “A” security assets which are the highest rating of security assets due to the significance of the asset to national security.  Joe also spent time working as an undercover officer in drug operations while attached to the Office of Special Investigation.

Currently, Joe is an Advanced Instructor in the Advanced Combat Entry System as well as an instructor for the federal government in: Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Specialized Tactics, Behavioral Intelligence, Non-Lethal Training Ammunition, Legal Investigative Techniques, Physical Fitness, and Use of Force. Joe has been certified in numerous programs over the years such as Law Enforcement Edged Weapons Tactics (LEEWT) Course, Krav Maga L.E course and numerous military combative programs.

*These instructors routinely train with other military and law enforcement teams in order to continually help them evolve.

*Due to the nature of their work, some names and specific biographies are not being provided but will be supplied to potential clients.

Robert Hughes

Instructor & Manager of Core Security Consulting LLC - Michigan Branch

During his career spanning over 38 years, Sheriff Hughes has worked his way through the ranks. Beginning in the jail as a Corrections Officer, he became the Ambulance Coordinator for the newly acquired Alger County Ambulance Service in 1980. When a position opened as a resident Deputy charged with patrolling Burt Township, he applied for the position and was awarded the job. While serving 18 years as a resident Deputy in Grand Marais, Sheriff Hughes continued to serve Alger County Ambulance by training a multitude of students through many Emergency Medical Technician and First Responder classes within various locations in the county. He was promoted to serve as the Training Sergeant for the county in 1994. Three years later, in 1997 Hughes relocated back to Munising with his family and served as the DARE officer and Training Sergeant prior to being promoted to Undersheriff in 2002.

In 2010 Sheriff Hughes received a unanimous appointment as Sheriff following the retirement of Sheriff David Cromell. In 2012 Hughes was elected to his first full term in office.

In his final year as Sheriff, Hughes is anxious to assist in the first major renovations to the Alger County Jail. The current jail is a 24 bed facility built in 1964. “We are adding 22 beds to help house an increasing number of inmates as well as bring in revenue for the county by contracting out bed space to other counties.“

He has personally worked on two murder cases and has seen the suspects convicted. The most notable of these cases being the Thomas Richardson case in 2006. We have had great deputies over the years, and most of the crimes in the county are solved.


During his time as Undersheriff and term in Office Sheriff Hughes has noted many accomplishments including:

  • Implemented the growth of the Ambulance Service from Basic Life Support to a fully staffed and equipped Advanced Life Support Service.

  • Organized the elite Alger County “Rescue 21” team, in memory of Deputy Paul Grahovac.   This team provides a variety of special rescue services, including vehicle extrication, backcountry search and rescue, water rescue, and underwater rescue/recovery.

  • Upgraded the 911 system to a Computer Aided Dispatch system and the first phase of Next Generation 911 (Texting to 911).

  • Brought the Alger County Jail into 100% compliance with the Department of Corrections Administrative Rules for 5 of his 6 years in office.

  • Worked with Tall Pines Enterprises to set forth promotional requirements, training and testing process for all command staff prior to achieving rank. Additional supervisors allowed for coverage on afternoons, midnights and week-ends, minimizing the Counties risk and liability.

  • Worked to incorporate a fitness incentive into the department to promote fitness objectives for all employees.

  • Implemented a complete review of department polices and procedures that meet Michigan Municipal Risk Management standards to minimize liability and risk to the County and its employees.

  • Put a complete set of 911 dispatch policies and procedures in place including upgraded Emergency Medical Dispatch guides.

  • Maintained close working relationships with the Alger County Board of Commissioners and achieved realistic budgets allowing for a professional and progressive office.

With his licensure as a Paramedic and EMS Instructor Coordinator, Hughes is anxious to get back and serve once again as a volunteer on the Burt Township Ambulance Corps. Other EMS agencies in neighboring counties also have a need for paramedics and I hope to help fill some of these needs,” says Hughes.

“In 1978 the Burt Township Board graciously helped me get into a law enforcement career. During a conversation with the Township Supervisor during the summer of 1978 I expressed my interest in this career path. Together we found out there was a need for sponsorship to get into the Regional Police Academy. The Township Board appointed me as a Burt Township Marshal to allow me entrance into the police academy, I would hope that I could repay this favor with continued service in the Burt Township area.” Hughes attended the Northern Michigan University Police Academy class 78-2. “Upon graduation I stopped in Munising and met with Alger County Sheriff Cluen “Dan” Malone. Two months later I had a full time job and started my career with the Alger County Sheriffs Office.”

“My years of training as a firearms instructor, defensive tactics instructor, tactical medical instructor and other police services will also allow me to bring training to law enforcement agencies and citizens alike.”


Sheriff Hughes has recently entered into a partnership with his brother, Joseph Bezotte, who owns and operates Core Security Consulting LLC. This company specializes in safety and security training that is applicable to everyone in these uncertain times. Sheriff Hughes will help Core Security Consulting LLC to expand from their home base in Minnesota into the Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin.

Dale Ouse


Dale’s experience in Federal Law Enforcement and Counter Terrorism spans over 20 years. His operational and training experience has given Dale insight into effective training methods and what is successful in real world events. Dale has spent almost his entire career conducting training for agents to include: firearms, defensive measures, team tactics and more. During this time, Dale helped re-create his agencies firearms program to emulate a "gun fighting” program in order to better prepare law enforcement officers for the real-world conflicts that they may encounter on enforcement operations.


Dale has also worked to improve multiple agencies defensive measures program by using his 20 years of experience in martial arts to improve the combative competency of his agency and others and to reduce their liability by having a program that incorporates pre-assault indicators, domain awareness and legal justifications. Dale is also a member of a DHS tactical team. He is currently a team leader and the training coordinator for the team. As the training coordinator he conducts 400 hours of team training yearly on topics to include entry tactics, firearms skills, vehicle assault, hostage rescue, sniper operations, air operations and dignitary protection. He also routinely trains with other military and law enforcement teams in order to continually help his team evolve.

One on One Firearms Instruction

Instructors Currently Serving In Covert Postions

We  have several Defensive Tactics, Firearms and Less Lethal Instructors on our staff who are currently working for the government in covert positions and we do not want to advertise who they are.  Many of these instructors are also working in the training division of their respective agency.  Suffice it to say, these are tier one instructors who are always on improving themselves and others.

Jeremy Coy - Instructor

Jeremy Coy


Captain/ Firefighter/ Paramedic at St. Paul Fire Dept

  • Professional firefighter and paramedic with 16 years of experience and 10 years as a SWAT medic for the

  • St. Paul Police Dept. These years have gifted me with the knowledge and street experience of medical and trauma lessons learned and lost. I believe in the ABC’s of knowing and getting the job done. Some of the best lessoned learn are the ones that you lost.


Professional Experience

  • Company: Saint Paul Fire Dept (2007- present) – Captain-Medic


Company Officer for an Engine Company consisting of a total of 4 firefighters

  • Conduct daily operations of fire and medical response.

  • Oversee personnel and station duties.

  • Team leader for SWAT medic operations and training.

  • Augment police/ fire dept training with tactical EMS training: active shooter and 3ECHO.

  • Student of several tactical EMS based courses


Hennepin County Medical Center (2015-still swing)- Tactical Medicine Instructor

  •  Conduct scenario based training for suburban police departments

  • Train officers on traditional medical and trauma emergencies.

  •  Instruction based off TCCC and TEMS principles.

Mdewakanton Sioux Fire Dept/ Hennepin County Medical Center Ambulance- (2006-2007)

  • Firefighter Paramedic for the Mystic Lake community

  • Paramedic for HCMC ALS ambulance service


Normandale Community College/ Inver Hills Community College- (2003-2006)

  • Attended College and earned an A.S. Degree in Paramedicine

  • Conducted several years of ride-a-long experience with different EMS based companies.


United States Marine Corps- (1999-2003)

  • E-4 Noncommissioned Officer -Section Leader

  • Section Leader of 10-15 Marines in an Infantry Company Unit

  • Proficient with shoulder fired rocket launchers and explosives.

  • Conducted and facilitated training for company/ platoon missions.

  • Created new training methods and practices for job specific duties involving infantry operations.

  • Oversaw platoon level leadership and weapon accountability/ readiness.

  • Company/platoon level physical fitness /training leadership

  •  HSRT Master: Fast roping/ repelling out of static towers and rotary aircraft.

  •  Special Weapons training for rock launchers and explosives.

  • Squad Leader School

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