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what we do

We at Core are focused on providing tier one training that equips and prepares people to protect themselves and others.  

The training we provide is for those who want to learn how to identify, negate and deal with real situations and real violence. Our training is for those who are willing to make a commitment to the task of personal defense so that they may adapt, overcome in even the most daunting situations.  Our motto is to train hard, train right and train often so that you may triumph when the enemy calls.

To accomplish this we have created realistic, well thought out, and easy to understand training courses. Our Instructors Joe Bezotte, Dale Ouse, Robert Hughes and many others have combined experience levels rarely seen in a corporate or ‘civilian’ training company.  


They use this experience to help participants understand and comprehend the levels they are at and where their skill set needs to improve. What sets our instructors apart is not just their experience level but also their ability to break down complex skills, train at the speed of the student, and impart their knowledge in a simple way that students can easily grasp and follow.

Close Protection Mission Fitness

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